Making the decision

Taking part in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, presented by Proxim is the most powerful gesture of solidarity a person can make to support cancer-stricken children.

While the donations you raise via your Challenge enable Leucan to fund clinical research in pediatric oncology and to provide families with ongoing psychological and financial support, your shaved head becomes a symbol of love and self-acceptance for children coping with treatment-induced hair loss.

“I was going through all sorts of emotions: hesitation, excitement, admiration, solidarity, sensitivity, understanding… It was difficult for me to imagine those who must go through it because of cancer. It’s hard to explain. To really get it, you have to live it.”

Follow your heart and show cancer-stricken children that they’re strong and ever so extraordinary even without their hair.

To help you take action, Leucan developed a list of frequently asked questions from participants prior to signing up for the Challenge.

What will I look like with my head shaved; will my head look good?

You have probably never seen your face without hair, so it’s perfectly normal to wonder what you will look like after your shave. Please know that you have the option to keep a few millimetres of hair when you shave.

When we asked participants how they felt when they saw themselves for the first time after their Challenge, their reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

“I went in, expecting to hate the final result, but I like it after all! I don’t know if I will let it all grow back.” Caroline
“I have a feeling my daughter will be keeping the short do for a while! She actually finds it prettier.” Annie, mom of ten-year-old Romane
“I’m thinking of keeping it short for a while! Especially with my leukemia-diagnosed son telling me that he likes that I now look like him!” Josée, a Leucan mom

Will I regret it?

You are probably wondering what your state of mind will be once the shaving is done. That’s perfectly normal. With regrowth taking a few months, you will have to live with a very short hairdo for a little while.

When asked about their state of mind in the weeks following their Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, participants have expressed feeling proud and serene.

“No regrets here. I’m extremely proud to have joined the large extended family of Leucan!” Marie-Pier
“It was my first experience… And it was fantastic! I have no regrets and will probably repeat the experience.” Johane

Will I be able to conduct a successful fundraiser?

Regardless of the amount you raise, you will actively help Leucan to pursue its mission of support for families of cancer-stricken children. While the minimum amount to reach is $50, participants raise an average of $880. You can also adjust your fundraising goal at any time between your registration and your Challenge date.

“I had a goal of $1,000 and ended up raising $2,104. I believe this is my last time doing it, but you know what they say: Things always happen in three!” Mélissa
“I signed up with a fundraising goal of $300 but secretly hoping to reach $600. I was at $985 this morning!” Nathalie
“I’ve reached 79% of my goal in just 48 hours! ❤ I cannot wait to take on my first Challenge this Saturday!” Annabelle
“We received most of our donations over the last two weeks, or event the last week… So, don’t give up!” Elen

Can my hair be used to create a wig?

Leucan does not collect hair donations from the Challenge. However, the money raised via the Challenge enables Leucan to provide children with a wig service on demand. Leucan decided not to manage hair donations due to logistics issues, opting instead to focus its efforts on offering direct services to families.

To donate your hair, please see the list of Leucan-recommended organizations and their criteria during for hair donations during the pandemic.

Signing up

To get started, select the profile that best represents you.

If you’re joining your school or are the organizer, click “Register my school”
If you’re joining your school or are the organizer, click “Register my organization”
Experience something you’ll never forget.
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Every reason for doing the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge is valid. Here are a few:

Once your online registration is completed and your individual fundraising profile is created, you can start collecting donations! A few days after your registration, you will receive an e-mail from your contact person at Leucan. This person will follow-up with you regularly to answer your questions and make sure your campaign is going well.

Whether you are taking on the Challenge by yourself, with a group of friends, your family, your school, or your organization, online registration is always the first step.