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Mayven named Abitibi-Témiscamingue’s young spokesperson for 2023!

Mayven has signed up for the Shaved Head Challenge, presented by Proxim, every year since his brother passed away in 2020. Grateful for the help Leucan gave his family during his brother’s illness, the 10-year-old wants to contribute directly to the cause he holds dear, that of supporting children with cancer.

After several months of organizing fundraising events, Mayven has seen his goal rise remarkably. His initial goal of $10,000 was quickly surpassed, forcing him to revise his ambitions even higher. His Challenge ended with over $50,000 raised!

Thanks to his impressive dedication to the cause, Mayven has been the subject of several local news stories. Check out his media appearances on Noovo and Radio-Canada.

That’s why Mayven is the perfect candidate to fill the role of young spokesperson for the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

Are you planning to organize a challenge in the near future? We’re here to support you and answer your questions!



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