More connected and supportive than ever of cancer-stricken children

The Leucan Shaved Head Challenge is as powerful and inspiring as ever! Whether you work remotely or are far from your family and friends, it is possible to live your Challenge in the comfort of your home.

Take on the Challenge with a group of friends, your family, your school, or your organization

You can also experience the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge with a group of friends, family members, classmates, or even work colleagues.

You and your group can organize a virtual event of your own, using the video-conferencing platform of your choice.

Follow the lead of this group of 20 participants who got their heads shaved simultaneously from the comfort of their homes to show their support to eight-year-old Julien Tremblay, recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia:

Complete your Challenge in private, in your home

Getting your head shaved can be a moment of intense emotions. You may wish to experience that moment alone with your loved ones. This valid choice is just as admirable!

No matter the type of event you choose, Leucan is there to help make your Challenge experience as positive and memorable as possible.

Who takes care of the shaving?

Someone you know or yourself. We developed a few tutorials to help you with this step. If barber and hairdressing shops are authorized to reopen at the time of your Challenge, you can coordinate the shaving with your barber/hairdresser.

What material do I need?

You will need an electric razor. If your hair is long, you will also need a few hair elastics and a pair of scissors to cut your hair shorter prior to shaving it. Leucan does not provide razors or scissors. If you don’t own this equipment, see if you could borrow it from someone in your circle before buying it.

What material does Leucan provide?

Prior to your Challenge, Leucan will mail you a symbolic cheque, balloons, temporary tattoos, stickers, and a bandana.

Will you be collecting hair?

Leucan does not collect hair donations from the Challenge. However, the money raised via the Challenge enables Leucan to provide children with a wig service on demand. Leucan decided not to manage hair donations due to logistics issues, opting instead to focus its efforts on offering direct services to families.

To donate your hair, please see the list of Leucan-recommended organizations and their criteria.