You have questions? It’s normal. We have answers! If you can’t find what you were looking for here, contact your regions’ Leucan representative.

How do I donate my hair?

Leucan does not collect hair donations from the Challenge. However, the money raised via the Challenge enables Leucan to provide children with a wig service on demand. Leucan decided not to manage hair donations due to logistics issues, opting instead to focus its efforts on offering direct services to families.

To donate your hair, please see the list of Leucan-recommended organizations and their criteria.

How do I increase my fundraising goal?

Log in to your profile, click on the My Fundraiser tab, and from there, you can increase your goal. Let your donors know that, thanks to their generosity, you have reached your goal and can now increase it. This might serve as an incentive for people who have not donated to your campaign yet: they will want to help you reach your new goal.

How do I remit cash and cheque donations to Leucan?

You can mail the cheques and money to your regional Leucan office or deposit the money in your account and then send a direct transfer to your regional office. Either way, please complete the Donation Form and return it to Leucan along with the donations.

A tax receipt will be issued on demand for any donation of $20 or more. The form is available under the Donation Form tab of your fundraising profile.

How do I add the cheque and money donations to my thermometer?

To add cash and cheque donations to the total shown in your profile thermometer, please enter them manually using the Add Cash and Cheque Donations tab under your fundraising profile.

How do I sign up?

Consult the How to participate section. 

What happens on the day of my Challenge?

*The answer depends on the type of Challenge (Leucan-hosted, private, school, or corporate challenge). Refer to the questions below to see the components provided by Leucan and the components managed by participants depending on the type of Challenge.

  • How do I cut and shave my head

Private Challenge: 

Someone you know will have to cut and shave your head. You may also do the shaving yourself.

We developed a few tutorials to help you with this step. If barber and hairdressing shops are open at the time of your Challenge, you can coordinate the shaving with your barber/hairdresser.

School or Corporate Challenge:

With school and corporate Challenges, the event organizer is responsible for booking barbers/hairdressers to shave participants.

  • Does Leucan lend razors?

Leucan does not provide razors. Participants are responsible for obtaining all shaving gears (razor, scissors, etc.).

How should I set my razor or clipper?

Set your razor at number 0, 1, or 2.

How do I get a symbolic cheque and other Challenge promotional material?

Prior to your Challenge, your contact person at Leucan will be mailing you a symbolic cheque, balloons, temporary tattoos, stickers, and a bandana.

How far in advance do I have to register online for my Challenge?

The most important thing is to allow yourself enough time to raise funds. The team of Leucan recommends signing up for the Challenge about a month prior to your shaving date. However, some participants sign up months in advance while others sign up a mere few days before their Challenge.

How will my donors receive their tax receipt?

Donors using the secure online payment by credit card will automatically receive a tax receipt by e-mail.

For donors issuing cash or cheque donations, please complete the Donation Form and return it to Leucan together with the donations for tax receipts to be issued. A tax receipt will be issued on demand for any donation of $20 or more. The form is available under the Donation Form tab of your fundraising profile.

What are the tools available to help me in my fundraiser?

Leucan makes a range of ideas and tools available to help you in your fundraising efforts (shareable videos to promote your Challenge, e-mail signatures, Facebook cover pictures, frames for your Facebook profile picture). Please refer to the Participant Guide for more information.

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Do I have to send proof that I completed my Challenge?

It is not mandatory to provide proof that you completed your Challenge to your Leucan resource person. However, if you would like to send us before and after photos as well as a short testimonial of your experience, we will be happy to receive them.

With your permission, we can then share your experience on our website or social media.