What if you had the power to contribute to the social wellbeing and commitment within your organization, all the while building team spirit between colleagues? 

Rally, unite and motivate your team by organizing a Leucan Shaved Head Challenge!

Join dozens of organizations across Quebec who rally their personnel around the cause of children with cancer and their families annually by organizing a Leucan Shaved Head Challenge.

Ready to take the leap?

It’s totally possible to organize a Challenge within your organization, even virtually, during COVID-19.

In the past year, many organizations did it! See for yourselves how Tam-Tam\TBWA did their Challenge in May 2020:

Once your decision is made, it’s time to register online!

Have on hand the following:

  • Whether you shave your head or not, if you’re the organizer you must create a fundraising page online for your group so your colleagues will be able to join it.
  • A team name for your group. Tip: give your group page a name that’s easy to find by those who might want to join or donate to – like the name of your organization or department!
  • Your fundraising goal to help cancer-stricken children and their families. Tip: in 2020, even during the pandemic, participants raised over $1,000 on average. The bigger the team, the bigger goal!

Once your fundraising page is created online, display and send the web link so that people can click to join the group!