In December 2017, our lives were turned upside down. We learned that Livia had a rare genetic disease, neurofibromatosis type 1, which brings its own set of difficulties. Severe learning disabilities, risk of scoliosis, subcutaneous neurofibroma to name a few. It can cause tumors in the nerves that can turn into cancer.

This is what happens. A non-benign brain tumor, an optic tract glioma, that threatens to make her go blind. The only solution: chemotherapy.

From that moment on, Leucan enters our lives. Both financially and psychologically, Leucan was by our side for more than 150 weeks. And still today, we benefit from their help. Leucan welcomed us into their family, where we feel less alone.

What would we have done without their support? It is important for us to give back to them by being a spokesperson for the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge to show them our infinite gratitude, but also so that other families like ours can benefit from it! Leucan is so important!

Thank you for helping us make a difference in our lives!