Whether you’re bubbly, zen, ansty or passionate, a gang is waiting for you. The best way to find yours is to take on the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, but in the meantime, take the quiz!

How do you usually react in a new situation?

a) No matter if it’s good or bad, you’ll know how I feel!

b) I might retreat at first to get my bearings, because I have a tendency to find anything new a bit unsettling.

c) I stay calm, everything happens for a reason.

d) I react with lots of enthusiasm, I’m always up for new adventures!

We’ve thrown you a surprise party for your birthday, how do you react?

a) Hard to say, but I might shed a few tears of emotion!

b) I am happy, but I wish I would have known ahead of time so I can mentally prepare a little bit.

c) I am so grateful, I take the time to thank every guest personally.  

d) YEAH!!! I love surprises! Let’s party!

In your group of friends, what role would you say you have?

a) I am the one you can confide in; they say I am a good listener.

b) I am the organizer. I make sur I’ve got all angles covered; nothing is left to chance.

c) I am rather quiet; I adapt well to different groups.

d) I am a little ball of energy! You always know when I’m around, and my absence doesn’t go unnoticed.

Which of the following statements ring true to you?

a)  I tend to listen to my heart more than my head when taking decisions.

b) I give a great deal of thought and reflection to every single decision I take.

c) Once I’ve made my mind up, there is no looking back. I trust I’ve taken a decision that is right for me.

d) I often take spur-of-the-moment decisions. I act now and think later.

Scenario: You have decided to step up to the challenge. D day is here, how do you feel as you get up in the morning?

a) It’s a rollercoaster of emotion. All aboard!

b) I was so excited and anxious, I didn’t sleep very well.

c) Feeling serene, I am at peace with my decision.

d) SO EXCITED! I can hardly wait!


  • If you’ve answered mostly A, you’re in the passionate gang
  • If you’ve answered mostly B, you’re in the antsy gang
  • If you’ve answered mostly C, you’re in the zen gang
  • If you’ve answered mostly D, you’re in the bubbly gang