Leucan is marking International Women’s Day by unveiling the names of those participating in the 2022 edition of Les Audacieuses. Today, 10 outstanding women are committing to shave their heads on April 24 and raise a total of $200,000 for Leucan. This is the second edition of the Audacieuses project, which is part of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge, presented by Proxim.

Leucan has chosen to make this announcement on International Women’s Day as a celebration of the scientific, human, political and social achievements of Quebec women. Confident, influential, courageous, inspiring and daring; these are five qualities shared by those who make our society a better place. These are also traits shared by the women who become the official faces of this Leucan campaign.

Redefining Beauty Rules

With the collaboration of Les Audacieuses, Leucan is taking part in illustrating how all women can reach their full potential, regardless of their looks. Les Audacieuses have thus accepted the invitation to defy the rules of beauty and prove to everyone that hair does not define them and that femininity does not depend on one’s hair.

To this day, too many women cannot do what they want with their bodies. Leading by example is a powerful message, especially when it is carried by successful women from various backgrounds. “The Audacieuses of the 2022 edition all have remarkable backgrounds. Leucan hopes that their gesture will inspire every young girl and every woman to identify with the Audacieuses,” says Julie Veilleux, Director of Communications at Leucan.

This gesture is also a message of support for all the children who lose their hair in the course of their cancer treatments. Les Audacieuses unite their voices to tell them: “You are beautiful, you are strong and you are inspiring. We wholeheartedly support you”.

Les Audacieuses 2022: an inspiring 2nd edition

The Audacieuses of the first edition sparked a wave of generosity across the province. This year, Leucan is counting on a new group of outstanding women to convey this message of hope. Each Audacieuse, in her own way, has an impressive and inspiring track record;

  • Evelyne Audet, Host, 91.9 sports, RDS, Évasion
  • Janice Bailey, Scientific director, Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies
  • Magalie Bourdeau, Partner, Demers Beaulne, vice-president of the Leucan Board of Trustees and mom of a child with cancer
  • Julie Charbonneau, Private trainer, boxing coach and mom of a child with cancer
  • Véronique De Sève, Director, business development, Fondaction
  • Isabelle Jean, Executive vice-president and chief operating officer of lotteries, Loto-Québec
  • Garihanna Jean-Louis, Comedian, actor and speaker
  • Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Innu author, poet, translator, visual artist and actress
  • Audrey Morin, Pharmacist-owner affiliated with Proxim
  • Catherine Newman, Vice-President Finance, Financial Reporting iA Financial Group

With this bold gesture, these extraordinary women hope to raise $200,000 for Leucan. Donations will allow Leucan to pursue its mission, which is to support families diagnosed with cancer, to help these families financially, and to invest in pediatric oncology research.

For more information regarding the project and to support Les Audacieuses, please visit audacieuses.tetesrasees.com