On June 4 2019, following a simple fever, we received the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia of our beautiful 4-year-old son. In our parent’s heart, it was panic!

When Leucan came to us the day after the diagnosis with a bag full of useful gifts for the hospitalization, our new life became real. When our child is sick, family life, dreams, plans and even jobs are put on hold. Cancer spreads to every part of our lives.

During his two years of treatment, William received 781 injections (his phobia), 585 chemotherapy pills, 20 punctures, and nearly 80 intravenous chemotherapies. Thanks to Leucan, we have received financial and emotional support, a massage service and unforgettable encounters in Leucan’s activities or game room.

Today, William is eight years old, full of energy, health and resilience. He has been in remission since July 2021. We will be eternally grateful to Leucan and all those who brightened our difficult years.

William’s greatest wish (and ours) is that there will be no more cancer. Every little bit helps the cause.

William’s family