In February 2018, only a few days after the birth of his baby brother and just shy of turning three, Éloi was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma.

His protocol included several rounds of chemotherapy, a surgery, a bone marrow transplant, 20 sessions of radiation therapy, six months of immunotherapy, and high-dose retinoic acid treatments.

In May 2019, we celebrated his full remission and his entering a research project aiming to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Throughout this long journey, Leucan supported us with a welcome kit, financial assistance, community lunches at the hospital, massages, and the hospital playroom. Leucan also gave us the opportunity to take part in safe activities with other member families to break us out of our isolation.

Even now that life is slowly getting back to normal, the ordeal left an indelible mark on our hearts, and Leucan is still here for us.