It gives me great pleasure to share the honorary chairmanship of the 2021 Leucan Shaved Head Challenge with Michel Parent.

This cause goes straight to my heart. As the father of three young and healthy boys, I cannot begin to imagine all the suffering experienced by cancer-stricken children and their loved ones. As parents, our most precious wish is to see our children grow and fulfill their wildest dreams while enjoying perfect health.

I’m fully aware that not all children share this good fortune, and so I very humbly accept to have my head shaved to show my solidarity and respect to cancer-stricken children and all they go through.

I’m grateful to be in the position to take this action and to contribute to improving the daily lives of people coping with this difficult reality through the outstanding support Leucan provides to cancer-stricken children and their loved ones.

I care deeply about this cause. How about you?