When I was 11 years old, my best friend and next-door neighbour, Stéphane, was diagnosed with leukemia. I remember him telling me about Leucan and the moments of happiness he experienced there.

Stéphane died in 1983 after a long battle. I remember visiting him every day during his last hospital stay in July. His death filled me with such sadness. Later at university, a friend I sadly did not get to know well died from leukemia six months after her diagnosis.

Today, I’m the father of three healthy children and I hope our family will never have to deal with serious illness.

I am deeply convinced that had they been diagnosed in 2021, Stéphane and Isabelle would have recovered from leukemia, thanks to all the progress made through research funded in part by Leucan. That is why I agreed to be an Inspiring Leader for the 2021 Leucan Shaved Head Challenge.

Please be generous and help save lives.