The story begins on November 12, 2021 when our boy was only 9 years old. During a simple follow-up appointment with our doctor, our son Charles was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

That day changed our lives. An indeterminate period of hospitalization, work leave, a break from school for Charles, etc. We have been bombarded with information, but our priority is our boy’s health and his treatments.

Leucan got in touch with us right away. Our wonderful counsellor Anne-Marie took the time to inform us about all the services offered and to check on us.

Leucan helped us a lot: financial support, listening, activities at the hospital during the treatments, social activities to get out of our isolation, massage therapy services and so on.

Charles became very attached to our counsellor. Every time we went to the hospital for treatment, he couldn’t wait to see her and to know the activity of the day. Despite the difficult times, Leucan allows us to create beautiful memories and to get through. We are very grateful to the Association.

We find it important to give back to the cause. So this year, it is by being a family spokesperson.

Be generous, Leucan gives a lot to families!

Sophie Gariépy-Caron, Charles’ mom