In anticipation for his Challenge, Marc-Olivier Labelle Hogue let his hair grow for several months. His goal? Create all kinds of comical hairdos and share those funny pictures to maximize donations! Mission accomplished for Marc-Oliver who raised more than $1,200 for the cause.

“I decided to complete the Challenge this year because April 17 marked the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death from breast cancer. I wanted to remember her with a gesture that would benefit others. My wife and I had so much fun coming up with original hairdos so that I could reach more people and raise more money! She was my own personal hairdresser on several afternoons, giving my mane a spectacular look. We even broke a hairbrush handle in the process! It was encouraging to see people from my network contributing so much to a cause that does not necessarily affect them personally. If you’re thinking of taking on the Challenge, be creative and get fully involved in your fundraiser! Although Leucan’s mission is very serious indeed, nothing says you cannot have fun helping along!”