In December 2020, 15 members, including 10 players, of the Jonquière Élites hockey team completed the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. At first, the team set itself a goal of $2,000 but succeeded in raising more than $13,000 in the end. However, the team’s generosity does not end there. In the past year, players joined ten-year-old Victor, a Leucan member, for his treatments at the hospital. The team decided to take part in the Challenge to celebrate the end of Victor’s treatments. “Getting your head shaved is nothing: hair grows back. But for some sick children, it might never grow back to what it used to be. It’s a simple action that does a world of good for many people. Getting a haircut is a very small gesture to bring goodness in other people’s lives,” said Tomy Néron, a player for the Jonquière Élites.