The Leucan Leadership Challenge

The Leucan Leadership Challenge is part of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge and aims to bring together the leaders of Quebec in support of cancer-stricken children and their families throughout the entire year.

Leaders who commit to the cause and raise funds by taking on the Leucan Executive Challenge help, in concrete terms, to reduce the financial anxiety brought on by pediatric cancer for parents, to compensate the loss of income due to a leave of absence from work, to improve the quality of life of survivors struggling with sequelae and to allow parents to focus their energy on their child’s recovery.

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#TeamJuju – Corporate Challenge – Amount raised: $39 425 

#TeamJuju raised close to $40,000 for the cause! What a huge success thanks to all of you! A triumph for Julien who inspires love around him after two years of treatment and a much-needed spark of energy for his family. A victory for the 21 participants and the 20 more who had their heads shaved with courage and good spirits. A successful way to show that you can come together, even during a lockdown. Finally, an achievement for Leucan which benefits from our shared generosity! Thanks to all of you, the Association will have a little more resources to help families in need.

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Collège Jean de la Mennais – Youth Challenge – Amount raised: $23 811

For the past two years, Leucan has been fortunate to count on the outstanding involvement of the staff, students, and parents of Collège Jean de la Mennais. Over the last several months, they collected $26,000 for Leucan via various fundraisers, including a Leucan Shaved Head Challenge on May 1st!

Donate to the Collège Jean de la Mennais Challenge


Collège Trinité – Youth Challenge – Amount raised: $22 653


Collège Trinité has been hosting a Leucan Shaved Head Challenge for the past 10 years. The College’s commitment to the cause is truly remarkable.

In spite of the pandemic, the College held a virtual Challenge this year. To encourage students to collect donations, a few teachers and parents even put a price on their heads. There was also an awareness-raising campaign in school to explain Leucan’s mission and educate students on childhood cancer.

This successful partnership raises $30,000+ every year.

Collège Trinité also challenged other high schools to follow its lead. Help cancer-stricken children by hosting a Challenge that will rally the entire school and make everyone proud!

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Rousseau Metal and his CEO Charles -Alexandre Paré – Corporate Challenge – Amount raised: $58 784.75

“I had been thinking of getting involved as Honorary President of the Challenge for several years now. This year, my team and I decided to take the plunge and support cancer-stricken children and their families in a concrete way.

I’m grateful to life for giving me four healthy children. If my family and I had been faced with childhood cancer, I would want to be able to turn to Leucan for support.

I know Derek, the Challenge’s young spokesperson in Kamouraska-L’Islet, and his family. When the diagnosis fell, their lives were turned upside down. Leucan provided them with outstanding support from the first day. Now, just a year later, Derek is resuming his normal life.

It is thanks to Leucan’s significant investments in clinical research that the survival rate of childhood cancer patients has jumped from 15 to 82% in just a few decades. Cancer does not discriminate but there is always hope. Let’s work together to make a real difference in this fight!”- Charles-Alexandre Paré, CEO, Rousseau Métal

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MIREILLE ET LES AUDITEURS DE PREMIÈRE HEURE – Corporate Challenge – amount raised: $37 642

Mireille succeeded in rallying a group of 21 Première heure listeners to support her in her Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. Radio columnist Marc-André Boivin is among those who answered her call and helped Mireille to raise more than $37,000 for the cause to date!

Donate to the Mireille et les auditeurs de première heure Challenge


Université Laval, FFGG – Youth Challenge – Amount raised: $12 852,80

For the cause, for all the brave ones who fought and won or lost their battle, for those still fighting today, to support cancer research, to stand by all the young fighters and their families, for all those excellent reasons; a group from FFGG agreed to “dishevel” themselves. This gesture will be a tribute to hope, to big and small victories, and a gesture of solidarity for all the people who saw their lives turned upside down from one day to the next. Our action is but a drop in the sea of worries, of loss of self-esteem, and of new perspectives surrounding cancer-stricken individuals. For our friends, for members of our families, for our colleagues, we will proudly display our “disheveled” heads!

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