Philippe Gamache

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Acting as Honorary Co-President of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge with Mathieu Légaré is a significant action for me.

I am unequivocally compelled by the Association’s mission: What could be more important than providing emotional and moral support to families of cancer-stricken children while also funding research?

Additionally, I share Leucan’s values of respect and mutual aid, both professionally and personally. This is another reason why I accepted this role: civic participation is essential for me.

With a recovery rate now reaching 82% for childhood cancer, we should be more motivated than ever to invest time and energy in this cause. For children and families, please stand with us, where it matters, throughout this campaign’s activities.

In Montmagny-L’Islet, let’s take on the 2019 Leucan Shaved Head Challenge by giving generously!