Mélie Dalphond

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I had just turned 6 when we heard the word “tumour” for the first time as a potential explanation for the pain in my legs and stomach. I was quickly hospitalized for 3 weeks to undergo tests before the diagnosis fell: intermediate-risk rhabdomyosarcoma. This marked the beginning of a long journey: several surgeries, 43 weeks of chemotherapy, 33 sessions of radiation therapy, and countless injections.

I had to take a leave from school and give up various activities. Fortunately, the wonderful educators of Leucan were there to make the visits at the cancer centre more enjoyable.

Today, I’ve been in remission for nearly 6 months and I’m in top shape.

Having the support of our families, friends, and Leucan during this long journey made all the difference. I urge you to take part in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge to help other children like me!