Loudovick Gauthier

Support Loudovick and children with cancer by making a donation!

Hello, my name is Loudovick Gauthier, I’m 14, and I’ve been spokesperson of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge in Laurentides-Lanaudière for the past four years. This year, I will be attending the event at Place Rosemère and I want to explain why I think you should give to Leucan.

First, Leucan is an Association which strives to help all young cancer patients under the age of 19 so that they can have fun and chill out while coping with a disease that’s far from relaxing!

Leucan helps us by providing much-needed massages to alleviate the stress and pain intrinsically linked with cancer; a playroom filled with games for the young and young at heart; summer camps for the whole family; and fun expeditions where teenagers can hang out just among themselves.

In short, Leucan is like a family, giving us a much-needed change of scenery while we fight this terrible disease.

Thank you for giving to Leucan.