Loudovick Gauthier

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My story began on May 10, 2016. A routine blood test revealed abnormal blood cells, so my doctor prescribed a bone marrow aspiration.

Getting diagnosed with leukemia was a shock. Stress, sadness, and fear were my constant companions over my two-year treatment.

Leucan made the fight easier. All the family activities and camps made me forget about my ordeal and soothed my suffering.

Then came a recurrence just when I believed that the end was in sight and the worst was behind me. Just like that, I was back at square one, but determined to fight. I couldn’t act as a spokesperson for my second Leucan Shaved Head Challenge because I was isolated due to a bone marrow transplant.

This year, I’ll be waiting for you, healthy and in top shape. Please join us in great numbers because Leucan is the shot of oxygen that makes me believe that everything is possible!