Léanne Vachon

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Everything changed on September 26, 2018 at an appointment with my pediatrician and the hematologist-oncologist. My diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I was in shock, but the medical team tried to reassure me.

From that day, an entire team of people rallied around me. I met with specialists, pediatricians, pharmacists, nurses. It was a true whirlwind!

That’s when Leucan entered the stage. An angel named Maryse brought a ray of sunlight in this storm. I had access to massages, small gifts, and a playroom during my hospital stay.

My family gained two pairs of attentive ears in Maryse and Marie-Christine, to only name those two. Their presence is so soothing in our lives. At every hospital stay or visit to the outpatient clinic, Leucan welcomes me like I’m a member of a great family and gives me such comfort.

I want to thank Leucan from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget you. Please help Leucan to support other children like me!