Justin Germain

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On the eve of my 10th birthday, at the end of a beautiful summer day, I felt a weird pain in my hands. After a visit with my physician, I headed straight for the hospital. Within 48 hours, I lost the use of my hands and legs. Though temporary, this was very painful. That marked the beginning of a long treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The proposed protocol was deemed highly effective. So, I spent 740 days in treatment, including more than 250 from a hospital bed. I turned out to be highly sensitive to chemotherapy, and the side effects led to a hospitalization of more than five months. Today, I almost got my health and energy back.

Throughout this difficult journey, Leucan opened its arms to me. It’s a community of understanding people with a heart of gold. Please help Leucan to support other children like me. You too can make a difference!