Eva Fecteau

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It all began with constant stomach pain in April 2018. After consulting my doctor, I was sent to the CHUL. From then on, everything snowballed: kidney tumour, surgery, upcoming treatments… On the day of the surgery, my left kidney and a 1.2 kg tumour were removed. My first round of chemo- and radiation therapy began on May 17, 2018.

That’s when my family and I met the employees of Leucan. Though we still felt pain and disbelief, the team of Leucan gave us the support we so desperately needed.

After 25 weeks, I received my last chemotherapy treatment. I am now in remission.

The hospital playroom and the massages at home were a great comfort for my family and me. The financial assistance was also very important.

Thank you, Leucan, for being there then and for continuing to be here for us.