How to participate

Take on the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge by yourself or in group.

You can have your head shaved in one of the official Leucan shaving sites or create your ownshave and do it in a more intimate environment such as your school, at work or any other place you see fit.

Leucan Shaving Sites

Leucan shaving sites are all set to receive participants to take on their challenge. They take place in public spaces such as shopping centers, festivals and arenas.

Participants who wish to register in a Leucan shaving site can do so by selecting a location in the region of their choice, choosing a time slot through those available and start collecting funds! Leucan also provides the services of hairdressers on site so that participants have nothing to do but to show up on the big day!

Private Shave

If you wish to organize your own shaving event, you can do it by yourself or in a group. That option offers more flexibility as there are no constraints regarding the location, date or time of the event. Private shaves require participants to find their own hairdressers.
Leucan remains available at all times during and after the fundraising to provide help and support.