Participants Guide

The Participant Guide contains EVERYTHING you need for a successful Challenge: fundraising, preparing for your shave, the big day, and the post-Challenge phase. Please remember that Leucan is there for you through every step of your Challenge.

Outils pour votre collecte de fonds

Inspiring Fundraisers

Draw inspiration from Challenges completed by past participants! Impressive fundraisers, moving stories, and an unbridled will to make a difference: their huge hearts and commitment will give you the courage and determination to tackle your own Challenge and support the member families of Leucan.

Mon clan

Veterans Corner

You have completed your Challenge successfully! CONGRATULATIONS! You are now an ambassador of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge and the cause of cancer-stricken children. Use the tools available to share your story and keep the wonderful veteran community alive and vibrant. Don’t forget: even if your Challenge is done, you can still raise money for the cause.

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