Hi! My name is Étienne Gravel, and I’m 12 years old.

When I was 7 years old, my mom noticed my swollen stomach. Everything went downhill quickly from there. I was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma.

Slowly, I started to lose my hair due to the treatments. It was difficult for my family and me. Because of its color, my hair had always been a part of my personality.

Today, I’m cured. After two years of letting my hair grow, I will shave it off with my dad to show support for kids with cancer who should be playing instead of fighting the disease.

Without your donation, the journey of these families supported by Leucan, including mine, would be very different.

I encourage all those who wish to participate in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge to register now at tetesrasees.com/en/.

Thank you, and I wish you a lifetime of health!