Provincial spokesperson

Dominic Paquet – photo credit :  Éric Myre

Dominic Paquet

Several public figures have been involved throughout the years in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. In fact, sponsored successively by Eric Lucas (2003), Jean-Michel Anctil (2004), Sylvain Larocque (2005), Antoine Bertrand (2006), Jean-Marc Parent (2007), Michèle Barbara Pelletier (2008 and 2009) and Annie Villeneuve (2010 and 2011), this event involved many partners of the business world as well as from the media, arts and sports communities.

Since 2012, it’s Dominic Paquet, beloved humorist from the Quebec public and accomplished artist, who brilliantly fulfills the role of provincial spokesman of the Challenge.

  • In 2012, Dominic worked on the development and taping of videos aimed at promoting the various services that Leucan provides with young people that are affected and shaved his head for the cause for the first time.
  • In 2013, he actively participated in the campaign of the 100 public figures without hair by recording a video to promote the Shaved for Leucan application. A launch day with his “big head” was also held at Place Ville-Marie, where bandanas were distributed to the public.
  • For the 2014 edition, Dominic shaved his head at the launch of the edition in March in the RDS and Musique Plus studios. He also recorded a video with François Lambert, the successful businessman that the general public discovered through his participation in the popular TV show “Dans l’oeil du dragon” and corporate ambassador of the edition. In addition, he participated in the shooting of television commercials broadcast on Bell Media specialized channels as well as in two “making of” videos for our social networks.
  • In 2015, Dominic attends the provincial event at La Ronde and supports Leucan’s public relations conducting many media interviews.
  • 2016 marks the 5th year of Dominic’s involvement as the Challenge’s volunteer provincial spokesperson. Dominic had his head shaved on RDS TV-channel for the edition’s launch. He also appears in the new campaign of the Challenge, created by TAMTAM/TBWA agency and conducts many interviews to promote the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge.

His involvement and generosity make him an outstanding spokesman. He has given numerous interviews on TV, on the radio and in print media across Quebec. His team of managers and himself work very well with our communications team and this is why we have established a good relationship of trust with Dominic. His availability, generosity and love for the cause makes him a spokesman we can count on!