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Several public figures have been involved throughout the years in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. In fact, sponsored successively by Eric Lucas (2003), Jean-Michel Anctil (2004), Sylvain Larocque (2005), Antoine Bertrand (2006), Jean-Marc Parent (2007), Michèle Barbara Pelletier (2008 and 2009) and Annie Villeneuve (2010 and 2011), this event involved many partners of the business world as well as  from the media, arts and sports communities.

2015 – 2016 Edition

Dominic Paquet

Since 2012, Dominic Paquet, beloved humorist from the Quebec public and accomplished artist, has brilliantly fulfilled the role of provincial spokesman of the Challenge. “By taking on the Challenge, you help Leucan to support all those families coping with pediatric cancer. Your participation makes all the difference, and that’s why I’m happy to be a spokesperson for this rallying event. “Your participation makes all the difference and that’s why I am so happy to be the spokesperson for this event that will bring so many people together in support of the cause.”

In 2015, Leucan was supported by several public figures. In fact, Yannick Plante from RDS showed his encouragement to Leucan by taking part in the Challenge on the “5 à 7” TV show on RDS. Furthermore, Chéli Sauvé-Castonguay (Vtélé), Richard Turcotte (Ztélé), Lorna Gordon (Canal Vie) and Nicolas Ouellet (Vrak) were all amabassadors for the cause by hosting the Leucan shaving site at La Ronde for the provincial day of May 24.

In 2016, Dominic and the Bell media team have once again organised a Leucan Shaved Head Challenge with the RDS team. Vanessa Pilon also took part of the Challenge on her show Vrak Attak on Vrak Télé.

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2014 Edition

Luc Gélinas, Patrick Friolet, Jay St-Louis, François-Étienne Paré and Davy Boisvert

In 2014, Patrick Friolet from RDS went under the razor on the “5 à 7” program on RDS, while François-Étienne Paré, host on Ztélé, Jay St-Louis from Musique Plus and Davy Boisvert from VRAK TV all had their heads shaved live on the “Top Musique” TV show on Musique Plus channel on May 23, 2014.

Marianne St-Gelais and Charles Hamelin

Marianne St-Gelais, three-time Olympic medalist, took on the Challenge at Marché Central in Montreal on May 25, 2014, while her boyfriend, Charles Hamelin, also an Olympic medalist, had his head shaved live on the Émission Pénélope McQuade show. Marianne’s campaign touched the hearts of many in Québec, as she succeeded in raising the impressive sum of $15,000.

“I wanted to get my head shaved for my high school prom, but my mother was totally opposed to it! I am so happy to take part in the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge to finally make that wish come true, but mostly to support a cause dear to my heart: children. If I can provide some relief to cancer-stricken children and make a small contribution to help Leucan pursue its mission of support towards children and their families, I will proudly walk with a bald head!”

François Lambert, corporate ambassador

In November 2013, François Lambert, introduced to the public thanks to his appearance on the Québec version of the TV show Dragon’s Den, has accepted to become the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge’s new corporate ambassador.

An experienced businessman, François Lambert made his fortune in call centres. A former telecommunications consultant, he cofounded Aheeva and Atelka in 2000 and 2003. Atelka went on to become the largest canadian company in that field. A man of action, intuition and conviction, he launched Impulse Capital in 2011, a venture capital firm dedicated to finding promising talents and innovative ideas.