The first Leucan Shaved Head Challenge was launched in 2001 by Mr. Serge Tremblay, in Montérégie. The businessman had been affected by the magnitude of the challenge that cancer-stricken children face when facing the disease.

In 2016, the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge has brought together thousands of people and exceeded the 80,000 shaved heads since the first edition.

With nearly 50 shaving sites across Quebec, in addition to the Personalized Challenges that can be organized solo, with family or in a group, the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge is without a doubt one of the most spread event in the province, as for the number of participants and donations collected as well as for the number of simultaneous shaving sites.

Here is an overview of the evolution of the Challenge over the years.


Organisation of the first Leucan Shaved Head Challenge

Primarily addressed to the people of Granby and its surroundings, the Challenge brought together 65 participants and $ 10,500 were collected.


Unprecedented media coverage for the second edition

The Challenge gets unprecedented media coverage thanks to honorary president Éric Lucas (professional boxer and dad of Leucan) and to the collaboration of Ms. Diane St-Jacques, deputy for Shefford who agreed to shave her head for cancer-stricken children. 125 participants raise $83,000.


The Leucan Shaved Head Challenge now takes place in six regions. 600 participants collect $238,000.


The Challenge becomes bigger and spreads to 9 regions of Quebec. 


Playmobil characters become branding headliners for the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. Leucan launches www.tetesrasees.com.

5,100 participants collect $2.5 million.  


“Défi têtes rasées” is officially registered as a trademark of Leucan inc. and the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge website becomes transactional (registration and online donations). 6500 participants collect $3.4 million.


For the 10th edition, the Challenge launched a new logo, a new slogan (Hats off to my hero) and the Jean Coutu Group becomes the official sponsor of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. 9015 participants collect $ 4.5 million.


The Challenge’s Facebook page is created and 10,000 people click “Like”. 


The new slogan of the Challenge is “Your head is worth more than you think!”. The visual identity and logo are graciously developed by the professional team of the Taxi agency. A television ad is also produced by Jean-Marc Vallée, director and screenwriter. A prominent advertising for the Challenge.

The breakthrough point of $ 5 million in donations was reached in 2013 and 40,000 Likes on the Challenge’s Facebook page in 2014.
Capture_video_2012_2014    Header_2012_2014


2015 marks the 15th anniversary of the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. To highlight this important event and the ever-present generosity after 15 years, this edition revolved around a year of all the records. A website and a multitude of records to be achieved on social media were elaborated to recognize the participant’s commitment and sense of belonging towards the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge.


In 2016, a new campaign was launched thanks to the remarkable work of TAMTAM/TWBA agency. A campaign centered on the participants to recognize their generosity and the difficult yet gratifying choice they make of having their heads shaved. A new TV advertisement,directed by Rafaël Ouellet, well known for its work on the Nouvelle adresse TV serie is also broadcasted. To watch the ad, please click here.

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A Facebook app is also launched to invite participants to join the new campaign by posting a profile picture in the campaign’s effigy.


Photo credit: Andréanne Gauthier

PROXIM becomes the new official presenter of the Challenge for the next three years.